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Puppy Home Package

A'paw'lling Behaviour just doesn't offer training and support once you have your dog, I also offer a pre puppy service to help you decide on your new perfect addition. Home proofing and basic training are included and support to help your puppy settle in quick.  

Those weeks after you get your puppy and before they are fully vaccinated to come to puppy group classes can be the most trying time. With my help I can show you how to train your pet at home and get them comfortable with new places, sounds and people.  

This time is critical to the puppy learning spectrum and without positive introductions to new things it can have a traumatic effect on the rest of your dogs life. Every encounter is important along as it is done in the right way. Science has proven that puppies only have a small window of opportunity to accept people, noises, places, textures etc..... the list is endless! To make sure that you have a happy and balanced dog later on it is important that they have the right start at the beginning!

It is an exciting time for everyone in the house and children and adults alike can unintentionally can get over excited. Through a fun and educational learning session I can help show you how to behave around dogs and signs to look out for. Sometimes us humans need training too and what better way to keep our children safe from any possible harm than through education! 

However it isn't all about the training.... I will show you how to really enjoy and have fun with your new puppy, encouraging all the family to be apart of this wonderful time that without a doubt will change your life for the better! 

£120 Initial Consultation

Up to 120 minute session and includes a bespoke training puppy plan

Further Training Pricing;

£70 per 90 minute sessions

(Suitable for dogs under 12 months, as many sessions can be booked at the puppy cost in this time frame).