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Private Kennel Training


If you are in need of kennels where you can be rest assured that your beloved pet will be well looked after than look no further than the Animal Country Club.  

Onsite Groomer and Doggy Daycare all situated in 70 acres on Wood Farm in Ongar, Essex.  Now also offering private training that is personalised to each individual dog*.

To find out more about the beautiful Animal Country Club then please click on the link below;


If you are having training issues such as lead pulling, recalls, retrieves, stays, leave it etc etc then A'paw'lling Behaviour is now offering private dog training to dogs that are boarding at the luxurious Animal Country Club in Ongar.

Training isn't the only thing that can be offered to your dog whilst they are in kennels, mental stimulation helps keep our dogs healthy and active.  I offer a private service that helps your dog have a complete personalised mind workout which involves scent work, trick training and more. 

Please get in contact for more information.

*Serious behavioural issues such as aggression, lead reactivity or anxiety unfortunately can not be addressed whilst your dog is boarding as these issues need full owner interaction, please refer to the Intense Training section for more details.