Jen Feargrieve

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About Me....

Hi, I'm Jen. I have worked with dogs for nearly 15 years!!! Wow didn't actually realise it had been so long! My journey began in boarding kennels and then quickly branched out to dog training and behaviour.

I have been around dogs all my life but my treasured German Shepherds Bear and Crystal are who really threw me into the training world. Both trained to a high standard which encouraged me to always learn more.... I craved it!

I now have a working Fox Red Labrador called Woody and he has once again changed my training views further. I will now be tackling the agility world... don't laugh! I will also be using Woody to help school children learn all about canine body language and help in the fight for bite prevention.

I am currently studying my Level 5 in Canine Behaviour and Application. I have studied many aspects of dog behaviour including Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety, Dog Aggression, Canine First Aid, Advanced Training and Behaviour, Impulse Control and Play Development and now taking my knowledge further to be able to help as many people and dogs as possible. 

I began my learning at Writtle College where I obtained my Level 2 in Canine Management and Behaviour. In 2015, I proudly passed my IMDT Assessment and became a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, which also granted me my Level 3 OCN qualification. The following year I went in for my APDT assessment and once again passed as a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. To continue my battle for ethical and rewarding dog training I joined the Pet Professional Guild. I went on to study the Level 4 in Applied Canine Behaviour in 2017.  I am now also a member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter since 2020.

Thankfully its not all intense and serious and I'm pleased to add that I am also a qualified Puppy Instructor since 2016.... means I get to train and play (cuddle, love, kiss, swoon over) all the beautiful puppies that we bring in to our homes.  I am also enrolled in the Puppy Lab intense course ran by the School of Canine Science to be completed in 2020.

I am always continuing my CPD and read lots of dog books, attend many seminars per year and go on as many courses as I can to keep me up to date with the ever changing training world. The more clued up I am, the more help and current advice I can provide.

Thanks for taking the time for learning about me... hopefully I will be able to get to know you and your pal soon and help you embark on the greatest training journey possible.

Heres a puppy pic of Woody just to reward you for your time (positive reinforcement at its finest).......

Why Me?

Patient, Understanding, Motivational....

These are just a few key elements that I pride myself to be.   

I can show you how to teach your dog new behaviours, build on your bond, discourage unfavourable behaviour and generally just enjoy being with each other.

By focusing on the good and positive traits that our canine pals show us, we can engage and reinforce those behaviours using fun and reward based training.

Traditional methods are unfortunately still used in the canine world. Although they may get results short term they can damage your dog in the long run. The behaviour doesn't get solved it just gets hidden leading to other unwanted behaviour and sometimes even leading to aggression as your dog soon learns that you are the bearer of these harsh methods.

It is such a more pleasurable experience for you and your dog if you actually learn the correct way to handle and teach your dog and enjoy training together!! 

Positive reinforcement is kind and scientifically effective.