Jen Feargrieve

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Fun, Rewarding and Motivational Dog Training


Behaviour Consultations in Essex

Here at A'paw'lling Behaviour I am committed to not only fun and rewarding training but training that is kind and will last.

 Making real life situations with your canine friend manageable and successful for a fulfilling lifetime of adventures together.

Whether you are looking for help in regards to lead pulling or to more extreme cases such as aggression or even help with your new puppy or rescue dog then please get in contact to start your fun and rewarding journey.

Using scientific based training combined with an in-depth knowledge of how dogs learn I am able to help people train their dogs without the use of any harsh methods.

Far too many dogs are re-homed or put to sleep due to lack of understanding and miscommunication. If we can bridge the gap now and learn in a positive and humane way and in a safe environment than we can save the lives of 1000's.