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Intense Training


Severe behavioural issues such as aggression are not a quick fix and in many cases can take time for us to help our dogs.  In these cases intense training may be required. 

These training sessions are done with or without owner participation and are 1 or 2 hours long and filmed throughout.  The owner then has the opportunity to meet up and discuss progress and how far we can take the training.

These sessions are great to start counter conditioning behaviour and setting the dog up for success.  All training is done at the dogs pace and is motivating and rewarding.

Intense training isn't just for severe behaviour cases and can be a great way to break up your dogs week.  The sessions are not just based on obedience training but we work on impulse control and offer plenty of mental stimulation.  If you find it hard to fit in a session with your dog then these fit in perfectly with peoples busy lifestyles and help keep your dog balanced and happy.  Sessions are available weekly and you can reserve a regular slot for your dog if required.  

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