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A'paw'lling Behaviour

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Dog Training In Essex


121 Sessions

Sometimes a group class isn't always practical.  Time restraints and busy lifestyles can make juggling fixed times nearly impossible.  Sometimes your dog just isn't ready to join a group class and we may need to do some training work to overcome any issues that have previously stopped you attending.

A'paw'lling Behaviour offers private 121 sessions with you and your family either at your home or in another place where you may be having some difficulties with your dog. These sessions can also be done solo with me and your dog to lay all the foundation behaviours before bringing the family back in.

These type of 121's are more focused towards general obedience training like pulling on the lead, issues with coming back when out, socialisation or even general bad manners in the home and out and about. 

Using the correct equipment and reward for your dog I can help overcome problems and by focusing on fantastic behaviour we begin to start the reinforcing cycle that helps your dog repeat the desired manners you want and leave the bad behaviour behind.

Problems with your dog on a daily basis can be very hard to handle, frustrating and very often life changing.  Without the proper help you can often feel very alone.  I know from personal experience how deflating it can be to be considered to have a problematic dog.  I understand exactly how it feels and can help you overcome the issues and motivate you to a more positive and upbeat outlook.  More often than not there is always a way to change things and I will work hand in hand with you throughout this journey.

After support is always provided and if needed a training plan can always be amended.  

Life provides us with many obstacles and changes and like us our dogs have to readjust too.  With my help I can make any new experiences go as smooth as possible. 

Initial first consults are only £60 for 2 hours.  This gives me the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your requirements and begin the training plan.

121 practical sessions are from £40 per hour or £60 for 2 hours. 

Please specify which time slot you require when booking. This involves practical sessions & trouble shooting. 

(All sessions are paid for in advanced at time of confirmation)